The track of the 34th edition of the AG Antwerp 10 Miles on Sunday 28 April will be slightly different in comparison to last year's edition. The passage through 'Het Zuid' is redrawn and the part trough the city centre will guide the participants straight through the heart of the student district.

Start (Thonetlaan) and finish (Charles De Costerlaan) are traditionally located on the left bank of the Scheldt. Tens of thousands of runners will 'cross' the Scheldt through the Kennedy tunnel and, as the tradition wants, they return to the left bank via the Waasland tunnel. "The tunnels are part of the 10 Miles' DNA and they are the core of the course. Of course they remain a part of the track", says Greg Broekmans from organiser Golazo sports. "Nevertheless we made some adjustments to the track. At one hand because of some construction sites and at the other hand to bring even more gusto to the race."

Due to construction sites at the quays along the river Scheldt the track will take a turn at 'Het Zuid' towards the Waalsekaai. From there on the track will guide the runners to the Royal Museum of Fine Arts and the historic city centre. There will be another renewed part of the race, with an extra tour through the student district. "The updates in the track will definitely be fun", Broekmans says. "The distances on 'De Kaaien' will be shortened, resulting in extra space for a more atmospheric passage through 'Het Zuid' and the many bars around the Museum of Fine Arts. A few kilometres further we'll leave Meir a bit sooner than usual to head towards the Ossenmarkt in the heart of the student district."

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